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Hi Everyone!
My name is Ali, and this is my first post here. Personally I am into a lot of diffrent things...gaming, comics, music, but especially fashion and fashion design. I have started a new project just recently. I am collecting photographs for a zine I am going to self publish. The zine will be slightly simular to FrUiTs Magazine, if you are familiar with it. Here are the basic ideas of it:
The magazine will consist, in its entirety, of one introductory "artical", followed by page after page of full page photographs of real people how they really dress and look. Next to each photograph, the model from the picture has one page in which to write anything they want, within reason.
The point of this zine is to a) show how people around the US, and even the world, actually dress, and b) to serve as an inspiration to people reading it, as I know FrUiTs has for me.
If you are intrested in participating in this project here is some information on it:
-Photographs must be good quality, full body shots. You may submit more than one, that is fine. If you have extreamly intresting hair/facial piercings/facial tattoos/make up, you may defenitly submit close ups on your face.
-If I decide to use any of the pictures you send me, THEN I will ask you to write a page of text. It can be a brief discription of your sense of style, why you chose that picture of yourself out of all that might exist, what you like to do, or something more abstract, like a poem or journal entry you have written. That is your space, so anything goes. When you send me this I will ask you also if you have a favourite font for this page.
-If you appear in my zine, you will get one free copy of it. The zine is going to be full color, glossy paper, and professionally bound.
-If you are not intrested in appearing in the zine but would like to buy one, please email me and I will tell you about how much I need to cover printing costs. I am not out to make money off of this, but not hoping to lose it either.
-If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me!
My email is pinkevette@hotmail.com
If it is OK with the admin, then you can just post pictures to a comment. If not, please comment saying that you are sending them, and then do so.
Thanks so much to everyone! I hope that this is a great thing in the end!
By the way-
I didn't just join this community to post this message and find people. I've got genuine intrest and intend to stick around/read and comment on posts that show up on my friends page.
Have a good day!
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