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Black and white and Hot pink Uv dread fall clip 

So many hair things! Including Leopard falls!

PVC dogpile pants

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for the outcast of the outcasts

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My website. Its not all to fabulous because I made it myself and all I really know are HTML and graphic basics but it serves its purpose right?
I have cybergothy fruity clothing and falls for sale there. And I have 30 more delicously digital things I will have up by the end of this week.

YAY! I hope you like it!

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'Ello [14:59]
I personally don't think I'm a big fashion person myself, I mostly just design for character rpgs, and I'm roaming the depths of faerie and gothic lolita fashions.

My favorite fashion era is early Victorian to 1930's, because that was the beginning of big changes in the fashion world.

I also like historically costuming, and dude my dream job would be that of working on the set of the LOTR rings trilogy dressing the actors. ^_^
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Well, I was supposed to go out clubbing last night, but didn't, but I did dress up so I decided to take pictures instead.

Clothes are just random things. The skirt is from a dress I got at the thrift store cause I loved the lace. The shoes I got at the same thrift store, but never wear out cause they hurt my feet. I have light blue eyes, so any time I get my picture taken I get really bad redeye, but in this case it gives a nice effect.
I also just dyed my hair burgundy last night as well.

Makeup is vk inspired, more of the MUCC/cali gari end of things. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!

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trashy vs. cute [11:52]
so I was looking for things to wear with two pairs of tights - a glittery silver pair, and a navy blue pair.
the outfit for the silver pair ended up being really trashy, and the one for the blue pair was really schoolgirl-cute.
so I got some digital pics of each...

the trashy/cute photo shootCollapse )
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Yooo man. [20:59]
Introduction.. hmm. Okay.

Sibie, 14, Texas.
Experience? Basically none. I can't sew, and the only hair or makeup I've ever done is my own. It's not so great anyways. ^^; As for fashion influences.. I mainly get ideas from Jrockers - Ryutaro [open my closet and you will see lots of button-down shirts and black shorts] and Plastic Tree in general, MUCC, Baroque.. Bright colours = good too. I like gothic lolita fashion a lot, which explains the few frilly skirts I own here and there. A lot of my stuff is from the trift store or hand-me-downs and I usually just wear whatever's lying around my room. ^^; My hair tends to change colour a lot and now that it's summer, it'll be changing even more. [Free time to dye my hair.. what a way to spend my summer =_=;] I tend to have a bit of a hat obsession too.

Err.. pictures. I only have cosplay pics and webcam pics [can't see what I'm wearing :x] on this computer.. ^^; Whenever I get some actual photos, I'll just add them to this post. Sorry~
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Hello, I'm Ghent, and I love...not exactly popular fashion. [16:11]
In fact, everyone, introductory posts:
Name, age, location.
Post some pictures, either of yourself, or illustrating your favorite style of fashion. List any experiences you have with makeup, hair, sewing, arts and crafts, welding, the like. Fashion influences, that sort of thing.

Ghent, 21, Western NY

Experiences... um, blah. I'm an amature hairstylist/make up artist, who everyone tells to go professional [but I know they're only flattering me]. I love doing odd hair styles and colors, and love out of the ordinary or effects make up. I've been semi-trained by a couple hairstylists, and they know me at 2 local Sally's. XDDDD Hair extensions are big with me. I also make shirt transfers out of stuff I've drawn and design Elegant Gothic Aristocrat [okay, and sometimes EGL] clothes and accessories with my friend Sug as Reluctant Angel. We hope to start selling some of our stuff on ebay soon, but it's more time consuming to make good quality stuff than I'd like it to be. XD I sew and work at a JoAnn's store. If you ever have the question "I wonder if they sell this at JoAnn's" I can answer it for you.

My main fashion influence is HAKUEI of the JRock bands PENICILLIN and machine. He has some of the most awesome styles. Full [of Guniw Tools/Nookicky] is a big influence on me, too. Some of his more out there make up and his art really work with me. JRock in general influences me a lot. MUCC's looks been big on my list for casual stuff lately, as well as Miyavi [darn him flaunting wearing one of my favorite brands], and when I want to get really dressed up I like to go for oldskool visual, old hide X and TUSK of Zi:KiLL type stuff mainly. hide had some amazing make up. I'm known for wearing suits [Tusk-ish, but no one ever knows it], and hats.

I like post-apocalyptic future, gothic, punk, random bright colors... you name it.

Brands I really like [I'm adding this. It's an influence] but can't afford are h.NAOTO, BLACK PEACE NOW, and Fotus.

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hmm.. saw this on my friends list and I wanted to join, not just because I am (sometimes) vain but also because I enjoy seeing all the things that turn up on alt fashion communities.

so a bit of info...
Name: Brynn
Age: 17
Location: Chandler, AZ

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That seems like a lot, but that's also probably all the pics I'll have for awhile. ^^;
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Name: Jess
Age: forever 21!
Location: Dallas, TX

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