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fash·ion ( P ) Pronunciation Key (fshn)
1. The prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behavior
2. Something, such as a garment, that is in the current mode

This community was created as a forum for people to post, discuss, and talk about fashion, in all it's shapes and forms, focusing mostly on the unusual or bizarre. Post pictures of yourself, or of maybe some form of fashion you want to emulate. Ask questions, get answers, share, and talk.

1. Fashion is subjective. What one considers fashionable, another may consider tacky and vice versa. Otherwise, don't judge. If you don't care for a particular style of fashion, then don't talk about it, and don't comment on it. Rudeness will not be tolerated.

2. All criticism offered must be constructive, i.e. in the vein of "this is how to do it better" as opposed to "that looks really idiotic!"

3. This is not a stamping community. You are not being rated, noone here is better than anyone else. There is no clique, no in crowd. So do not behave in such a manner.

4. Any large pictures; pictures containing material that might be considered rique, including, but not limited to, nudity; long amounts of text; or any post that might be considered disruptive to someone's friend's page should be contained behind an lj-cut tag. If you are asked to lj-cut something, please do it immediately.

Other than that, have fun! Fashion is what you make it, and we are not limited to any one style here!